Friday, June 16, 2006

Father's Day

As I'm sure you are aware, Father's Day is Sunday. While I can only to claim to have a little over a year and a half's worth of experience as a Father, I can say that it has been wonderful. Here are some observations about the girl who made me a father.

Madeleine runs to the door and laughs when I come home. If both Erin and I are home, she will come to me if she wants something to drink. She has become a fan of "Matilda the Gorilla". She has learned to wait in suspense as I count 1....2.............................3, and then tickle her. She will hold a blanket over her head and invite me under it by saying the word, "tent". She has learned that the word "fart", and the act itself, is really funny. She will bring me my shoes when she wants to go outside. She has learned how to turn on the cheesy demo that comes with my keyboard. She tackles the cat. She talks in her sleep. She falls asleep while eating. She dumps buckets of water on her head (for ten minutes at a time) while taking a bath. She becomes wild-eyed and determined when she hears the words "ice cream". She will walk to everyone in the room and shake their hand. She will then walk around to everyone in the room and tickle their feet. She finds food around the house. I don't mean that she opens cupboards and eats the food she finds. I mean that she FINDS food in lots of places. We're convinced she's hiding food from us. There are no real words to describe her. I know that sounds a little schmalzy, but it's the truth. She's great, and I love her.

Next year, We'll have two!

Happy Father's Day,
Shannon (and Orin too.)

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