Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Stepping out of the shadow...

...of Earth Man!

Last Thursday and Friday, Oddwalk had the privilege of serving as emcees for the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows' Earth Day celebrations with area school kids. About 900 each day came to give praise to God and marvel at God's creation.

Shannon, in the past had been Earth Man when he was emcee, so it was only natural when Orin was dubbed "The Other Guy" -- it's a bit of a long story related to the Shrine's "World Youth Day" and you should ask us sometime. So there we were, complete with t-shirts, capes, and funny hats.


It turns out that it wasn't so much "Earth Man and his faithful sidekick The Other Guy" but exactly the opposite way around. The Other Guy was extremely popular both days. Earth Man even got booed on one occasion.

The keytar made an appearance (if you look closely above you can see it next to the monitor on the left), as did Matilda: Here, Fr. Raul helps lead the motions:

You can just make out a bit of Earth Man on the edge of that pic.

On Thursday, the World Bird Sanctuary showed several impressive creatures.

Oddwalk felt bad for the Friday kids who didn't get to see them, so we re-enacted part of the show, with "The Other Guy Hawk" flying around the amphitheater and eating donuts. I'm sure we'll have more pictures soon...

Praise God's creation, and may we always work to keep it clean and healthy!

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