Thursday, October 16, 2008

NCCYM 2008 Promo Video

The NFCYM has also just posted a promotional video for the NCCYM (adult conference) this December in Cleveland.  Both members of Oddwalk (along with many of our friends of course) make brief appearances.  View the whole video at this page.

The music underscoring most of the video is a live performance at the last NCCYM by Matt Maher of "Your Grace is Enough."  In the middle of verse 1, just after "... keep us apart" we get an extreme closeup of Shannon's already slightly-larger-than-normal head.

Ironically, at "... all God's people sing along" one is able to view a brief action clip of a wigged-out Orin "Jammin' with Jesus."

Lots of other photos, clips, friends, music and such are featured in the quick video.  Check it out!

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