Thursday, October 16, 2008

Congratulations Joia!

Oddwalk Friend Joia Farmer (wife of Brad, as in Brad and Gene of Apex Ministries) has co-written with Matt Miller the 2009 NCYC Theme Song!  Their version of Christ Reigns is featured in the 2009 NCYC promo video, posted here (sorry, we can't embed it).

Way to go!


  1. I am so excited it is finally here! No one is probably as excited as I am, but that's OK! I'm just weird like that. And crazy enough to know that there are only 400 days 'til NCYC!!!! WOO HOO!!!! See you in Kansas City! ;-D

  2. Oh yes...and I'm already crying I'm so excited and ready to go! :-p
    If you've never been to NCYC, I suggest going. It changed my life...twice. The big seller, my dad, who NEVER cries, cries every time we go to NCYC. So I guess the correct term would be, my dad never cries except at NCYC, but whatever. It is an amazing experience! It's making me cry right now!