Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The moment you've all been waiting for

Here it is!  Oddwalk's recent cover of "Jesus is a Friend of Mine" (or, alternatively, "Jesus is My Friend") made popular, if one can say that, by Sonseed:

Recorded at the Diocese of Jefferson City, MO Senior High Youth Rally, September 14, 2008 by Marianne Cline - woot!  Unfortunately, costumes and outdated eyeglasses and hairstyles (unless you count Orin's) were not yet ready for this performance...

UPDATE - 9/17, 1:30pm - for what it's worth, I think Oddwalk can claim the first cover of the song uploaded to YouTube. It is the little victories that count, isn't it?


  1. This is quite possibly the best work I've seen from oddwalk.

    I especially appreciate the announcement right in the middle.

    Truly a gift to us audiophiles in the world.

    shine on you beacons of resurrected music. shine on I say!

  2. Out of control!
    The end.

  3. Thanks Anonymous - wait, I mean, thanks Joe Christ!

  4. My favorite comment from YouTube:
    "terrible... keytar solo? seriously?"
    According to a guy with a not very polite screen name.