Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another new look

Hey, a new, fresh face for the Oddblog!  (Unless, like gene, you read our content via an aggregate thing-a-ma-bob.)  Why?  Well, to be honest, the most recent one wasn't doing much for me (Orin) and perhaps more importantly, wasn't formatting well on my new iPhone.

So, anyway, there's no poll to go along with this one - hope you can get over the disappointment on that.  I know gene can...


  1. I really dislike this new format. Please remove. It would be preferable if it was in Turabian...
    Thank you.

  2. I liked being able to read the comments on the side bar, not just that someone commented.

    Plus, where is the manditory poll about the change? I wanted another cheeseburger!

  3. You can always hit the + next to the listing to see the full comment...

    No cheeseburger for you.

  4. Well met Trebek. I'll take months that start with Feb for $500.