Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Perhaps an even more famous Tylerite than Orin

Thanks to Erin C. for snapping this pic off the Today show this morning. I (Orin) don't believe I know Ms. Oxholm, but happy birthday to her regardless!

And while I was checking the picture mail, I also saw this for the first time. Not sure if it was also sent today or when. That would be Shannon and Erin's daughter Madeleine. Not sure what's on the hands. Probably something to keep her from poking her eyes out or something. I don't know much about kids. Rumor is there'll be a cute video of her singing soon over at Cerneka Family Adventures. Thanks Erin!

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  1. Hey, no problem. The pic of Madeleine got sent by mistake, I must have accidentally selected it, too, when I sent the Tyler lady picutre. These are skeins of crochet thread on her hands, from my mom's sewing basket. She put them on herself, and I told her she looked like Strongbad. She then walked around for the next twenty minutes with those things on saying, "I'm Strongbad, the Burninator!"