Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hoppy Birdy Two Ewe!

Hey! It's Shannon and Erin's son's and Orin and Erin's Godson's birthday! Noah is one year old! Here's a pic from his birthday party a few days ago.

We should probably do a caption contest for this picture. Perhaps "contest" is the wrong word, because no one really ever wins, and there aren't ever any prizes... But you'll still play, right?

Here's one to start us off, put more in the comments please:

"No one was really sure where that came from, but everyone knew they probably shouldn't eat it."


  1. Monkey's throw poo, Noah's throw cake.

  2. Noah: "Cake for a buck buck buck!"

  3. Marianne...currently Noah thinks his dad is awesome. Let's not tell him otherwise.

    Currently Noah is falling asleep in his high chair while he eats spaghetti. Happy Birthday indeed!

  4. I just have to say that picture is ADORABLE! Happy birthday Noah!

    Noah: Here Daddy! Try it! It really is good! Yummmmm!