Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oddwalk Records With GIA Publications!

Oddwalk Ministries is proud to
announce our new CD with
GIA Publications, titled

Walk Away Different
To be released Fall, 2007

"an interesting and eclectic mix
of contemporary liturgical music

and music for youth. Packed with
creative arrangements and texts that
come from the heart of their own
faith journeys, this recording is sure
to rouse a surge of spirit in any
community." [from the GIA website]

Click here (or the pic) to visit the GIA
Walk Away Different CD page for
more info, audio samples (soon),
and to order your copy!

Track List: | At Your Name | Bless the Lord, My Soul (Ps. 103) | My Name is I AM | Lord, I Thank You (Ps. 138) | Let Us Go, Rejoicing (Ps. 122) | Show Us the Way | Get It Together | For All Time | Share | To Know Darkness | I Give My Spirit (Ps. 31) | Come to Me | This is the Day (Ps. 118) | I Love You, Lord My Strength (Ps. 18) | In My Heart | We Will Go, Lord |

Yes, this is, of course, the "secret project" we've been referring to on the OddBlog, sometimes not-so-subtly, all this time. We're excited today to reveal it to you, in all its glory.

To order the CD, go to GIA directly. We'll have some copies in our possession, mostly when we have an appearance coming up, but best to get the CD straight from them, most of the time. Walk Away Different should be ready by October sometime, if not earlier!

We've redone several pages at our main site, of course, to reflect this big news: the Home Page, the Lyric and Audio Page, and our Merchandise Page. We've also created a new Introduction Page and a new page.

When we self-produced and released our CD "Let Us Go, Rejoicing" last fall, we had no idea that within a year, we'd have another professionally done CD to add to our credits. Many of the songs on this new CD can be found on "Let Us Go" or "Little Steps" or "For All Time" — but these have all been redone with very cool arrangements, performed by outstanding musicians including some nice singing by Sarah Bauer, and wonderfully produced by new Oddwalk friend Gary Daigle. Additionally, there are four songs on the disc that have never been recorded! All of the songs on Walk Away Different will be published by GIA over the coming months as well. Thanks to Gary and to GIA folks Alec Harris, Michael Cymbala and Laura Dankler for their support and encouragement as well!

Oddwalk friend Wendy Sturgeon (who helped us with "For All Time" and "Little Steps") helped us with the awesome graphic design — here are more examples of her work:

There is some other GIA-type news we're optimistic about too, but shouldn't tell you all about it just yet... just keep checking back here for updates — this is an exciting time for Oddwalk and our family and friends!

We hope you enjoy Walk Away Different! And we hope to see you all very soon.

—Shannon and Orin


  1. congrats, guys! i can't wait to hear the record! (or is that album? or cd? or zipped up folder of mp3s? maybe you should release this on laserdisc.)

  2. I think I can speak for the other Erins as well and say I'm happy for you. I know you've been working really hard to get there and you should be really proud of yourselves! Congratulations on this new blessing! -Erin B

  3. I'm such a proud poppa! Way to go kids, I can't wait to hear what the next "secret" project is.

  4. Yo, Orin and Shannon- I've been checking in once in awhile from shady internet cafes across Guatemala, and I am so excited to hear your news! If I made a few more bucks, I'd order one now... but when I'm home I'll definitely check it out! -Melissa C

  5. Smiling from ear to ear. Now could you guys like give singing lessons? Aren't there voice steroids for cases like me?

    Congrats, gentlemen. I am a tad wounded that I was not given a guest cameo role on the CD but I suppose you are waiting for the platinum version to come out.

  6. Mike,

    I'm sure Shannon would be glad to teach you, no performance-enhancing drugs involved.

    I believe in our industry, it's not gold-platinum albums, but gold-frankincense-myrrh. When we release the myrrh version, it's all you.