Monday, April 23, 2007

My math says it's one every less-than-four minutes

...In the end, 13-year-old Morgan Pozgar faced off against Michael "Cheeser" Nguyen in the east coast final, with Pozgar slipping past her challenger to face west coast champion Tirosh, a law student from Los Angeles.

"I just wasn't fast enough," said Nguyen, a 23-year-old engineer from Pennsylvania. Asked how it felt to take second place, he was clearly disappointed: "I just got beaten by a teenage girl, but, you know."

Tirosh, who said she practiced with her friend and trainer Amy, who threw out random words or symbols and even motivational Buddhist quotes, admitted to feeling a certain pressure due to the home side advantage.

Wearing a satin boxing robe before her championship bout against Pozgar, she said success would come down to who could marry lightning speed and accuracy.

"It's all about the thumbwork," she said. "It's about balance." She added that she owed her success to relaxation and deep breathing.

So dedicated is she to the art of the text message that Tirosh apparently unwittingly uses initials such as BTW (by the way), TTYL (talk to you later) and LOL (laughing out loud) in her normal speech.

Pozgar said she trained by sending on average 8,000 text messages a month to her friends - an astonishing rate of one every five and a half minutes. She pays US$10 a month for an unlimited text package on her cell phone....

Orin's math:
8,000/30days/16hours-awake = 16.67 text messages an hour, or an average of one every 3.6 minutes.


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