Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Keytar Reborn!

Well, not really. But Oddwalk did today buy (for sub-eBay pricing - yay!) a new-old keytar, just like the first Orin played with Oddwalk.

Oddwalk (well, Orin, really) now owns 3 keytars. The world is a bizarre place, and I think this proves it.

Which keytar will show up at our various appearances? You never know! Whichever one matches our outfits? Whichever one fits in the car or on the plane? Maybe both (all three?!)... Hmm... An array of keytars... We may need a keytar technician to come along on gigs now...

Okay, that's enough. Hey - look at that picture of Orin's dogs down there - how cute...

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