Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Holy Week from a Mother's View

Pictured on the left is a friend of Oddwalk's, Nanette Munie Norrenberns. She helped us with last year's CD "Let Us Go, Rejoicing" and the CD release concert following.

Last night, some 500 people gathered at the Shrine to pray the biblical stations of the cross given to the Church by Pope John Paul II in 1991. These stations were presented in a unique way: a series of 14 monologues in the voices of people in the Gospel passion accounts. Peter, the Maid Servant, Roman soldiers, Simon of Cyrene, and more are given a chance to share why they were in the crowd that Friday, and what their motivations might have been throughout the passion events. We in turn are urged to find our own place in the passion of Christ.

Nanette has played the role of Mary for 16 years. She married T.J. a few years ago, and shared with the ensemble at our first rehearsal that she is pregnant for the first time, due in October. She described how after all these years of giving a monologue describing how the death of her son on the cross made her feel and and how that death affected her faith, that this time she had a more personal encounter with the experience.

Perhaps this is where our Holy Week prayer should point us - a more personal experience with Jesus, with the divine, with suffering, death, resurrection, and glory.

Congratulations Nanette and T.J.!

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