Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Tricked-out Toilet" is more alliterative


This toilet-sweepstakes is indicative (symptomatic?) of the American lifestyle, and says a lot about how a lot of non-Americans view us and how we live. Can you name a few?


  1. Let me get back to you on this one...
    We've got a couple of foreign exchange students at school, let me see what they think!

  2. I promised, I talked to our foreign exchange student from Germany. She said that she'd have a hard time thinking of them since at this point she's pretty used to America, but here are a few...

    1) We drive everywhere. Not too many people walk. She live about 3 blocks away from school and was asked for a ride about twice a day every day.

    2) Fast food.

    3) We don't really make home cooked meals anymore. Everything comes in a box!

    4) Diet pills (From all the fast food! :D)

    5) Slang