Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A funny exchange

in a combox of another blog Orin occasionally checks out:


  1. does that happen?? :D
    I went to an Easter Mass that lasted 20 minutes because the priest got sick! Shortest Mass I've ever been too! Especially for Easter! It lasted for 2 hours the night before! And we almost went the night before!

  2. Easter Vigil is the liturgy the night before! Vigil and Easter Mass are two different liturgies! It's not like going to regular Sunday mass on Saturday night! Vigil is a much more involved liturgy and is supposed to take time! That's why the joke about "not being pregnant when it started" is funny! Two hours is a short Easter Vigil! I went to one that lasted 6 six hours! (Several new initates, baptism by full immersion!)

  3. OH! Six hours? Wow! About Easter Vigil vs. Easter Mass...yeah, I kinda knew that, but I guess some people aren't as "religiously educated" as they think they are if you know what I mean! lol ;D I guess I just ask the wrong people! I'll come here next time! :p