Sunday, November 5, 2006

Oddwalk Keytar lends a hand

One of Orin's other hats in life is being assistant director of the Saint Louis Chamber Chorus. The group is recording a CD over these next few nights, at Our Lady of Sorrows, in South St. Louis city. A call went out to the chorus members as the producer wished to have a simple, small keyboard to use to check that the chorus was staying on pitch, etc. Orin brought his trusty keytar to the rescue. It was dark back where the producer was, but here are a couple pics:

Philip (director), Martha (accompanist), and Gary (the producer)'s arm

The keytar, obviously integral to each succesful take.


  1. Is there anything the keytar CAN'T do?

  2. I just showed these pictures to Madeleine. (our daughter) I asked her it was and she said: KEYTAR! I'll bet I just made Orin's day.

  3. Yes, you did. :)

    Seriously, how many other 2-year olds have the word "keytar" in their vocabulary?

  4. And, yes, I say that like it's a good thing.

  5. Is there anything a keytar can't do?...ummm....nope...I can't think of anything! Latest front page headline "Keytar saves the day again!" As for 2-year olds having "keytar" in their vocabulary, I haven't met anyone else who does. There are ADULTS who have no clue what a keytar is...what a shame.