Thursday, November 16, 2006

Behold the Oddwalk...Guitar

As you might have expected by now, American Airlines has not found my guitar. If you aren't up on this story, click here.

Seeing no other choice, I went through a local music store and found a guitar that I really liked. I've used it a few times and am already in love with it. It sounds great and it has a built-in tuner. Woo Hoo!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a guitar again. You are free to end your prayer vigils.


  1. Now, of course: They'll find your other guitar. Or rather, just after the "no return" policy kicks in...


    - Mike K.

  2. Of course. Now Shannon, you just let us know when they call you to pick up your guitar! Is that how it works? I've never flown before! I've just heard people losing their guitars! ;) Anyway, I'm so glad you got a new guitar and like it so much! I'll be getting a new one here myself pretty soon! Good luck with it!