Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Reactions to this image?

Click the image to see a larger version.
I'm curious - do any of you have a strong reaction of any sort to this painting? Oddwalk and our families first saw it at NCYC last fall. We have our own reactions, but will keep them to ourselves for now - what are your reactions to this confluence of imagery, particularly the coming together of the sacred and the patriotic? Comment below!
PS - Click here to see the original artist and comments...


  1. This is obviously a fictional scene depicted...cuz there's definately still a crack in the liberty bell...

  2. This image annoys me more than I have words to express. The very idea that our Lord Jesus should kneel before anything is disgusting to me. Orin calls it confluence. I call it confusion. This image is a sumpreme example of the confusion of our loyalty to Christ with our loyalty to our country. I resent the implication that to be a Christian, you must be patriotic and you must express that patriotism by hanging flags everywhere and putting yellow ribbon magnets on the butt of your car.

    By the way, since I mentioned it - the "yellow ribbon" comes from the days of the Iran Hostages, when tying a yellow ribbon around a tree in your yard meant you wanted the hostages to come home safely. It did not have anything to do with supporting the military.

  3. You know.....It could just be that the son of a carpenter....was just testing out a new trade....trying to fix the crack on the bell. The eagle is obviously the superintendent on the job.

  4. Anon 1 - Yes...

    Anon 2 - My calling it confluence is not exclusive of it also being a confusion - this is where Oddwalk's opinions lean too...

    Anon 3 - I like your theory, it amuses me. : )


  5. I believe the yellow ribbon thing has always been a bring our troops home safe/support our troops thing. I think my grandma used to sing a song about it, too. Maybe I should research before I comment, but that just wouldn't be fun...

    I think that it is great to be Christian, partriotic and want our troops to be safe, I just wish it wasn't so...hmmm. With us or against us? Orin can you explain what I mean? (He often does that for me!)

    Ummm - go Oddwalk!?
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  6. This is obviously a painting meant to imply that Jesus is healing America. My question would be: What about America is he healing?


    P.S. Anonymous 3...thanks for taking my eagle/superintendant joke before I had a chance to say it.

  7. Hi, this is Erin's co-worker Meghan and I just want to say that I think the picture is bizarre and I'm glad she is leaving it at home and not bringing it to our office. Further, in addition to the obvious weirdness of Jesus healing the liberty bell is the fact that once again he is portrayed as a very white Anglo-Saxon, which is funny since he was certainly more Middle-Eastern/Mediterranean and did not resemble a long-haired Hollywood celebrity.


  8. You mean Jesus didn't look like Mel Gibson's Jesus?