Friday, September 30, 2005


And now for something completely different...

I was reminded recently of one of my favorite childhood toys growing up, Transformers (more than meets the eye, you know). From the mid-80's give or take. Loved 'em - Christmas 1985 was the Transformer Christmas for me. I had soundwave, Cliffjumper, the small autobot airplane, the firetruck, the microscope, Braun (the little jeep), at least a few others...

I kept a few, and sold of the others at yard sales and such as I grew up... Fast-forward to tday: I looked 'em up on the internet, and to my surprise, on ebay, there's a huge market for these things - they were maybe $20 for the big ones back then... They're selling for well over $200-300 dollars these days! Holy cow.

One of the things that made these toys so unique and is probably pushing their value yet today is that they could change from at least one "object" - usally a car or a plane - into a robot, then back again. They were adaptable to situations and needs.

One of the most important abilities we humans should cherish too is our ability to change. To be instruments of change, when needed. Think about it.


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