Thursday, September 22, 2005

Forget Something?

Last week Shannon talked to Mike Eppler, Director of Youth Ministry for the Diocese of Evansville, IN, and wrote down several very important details about the (then) upcoming Oddwalk appearance at the Evansville Youth Rally. That information included directions to the hotel, the name of the hotel, and phone numbers for the rally organizers. As he left Fulton, MO, Shannon placed that piece of paper in his pocket and left to meet Orin and Erin in Belleville for the trip to Evansville. That is the last time Shannon ever saw that piece of paper. This was not a problem until we reached Evansville and needed to know where to go, where we would be staying, and who we would talk to when we got there. After arriving in Evansville, Shannon, Orin, and Erin (orin's wife) spent the next two hours calling every hotel in Evansville (there are many) to see if they had ever heard of “the Diocese of Evansville”, any one named Cerneka, or anyone named Orin Johnson. The first place Shannon called was the Days Inn. This was because Shannon believed that to actually be the place we were staying. The man at the desk told us that they had no reservation for us. Well…actually…they did. I’m not sure what happened, but long story short, we finally got checked in to our rooms, albeit two hours after we had initially called them. Thanks to the hotel staff at the nearby Holiday Inn for letting us rest on their couches and helping us by calling hotels for us while we were lost.,

The moral of the story is…well…actually…there is no moral. Just don’t trust this kind of information to Shannon…EVER!!

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