Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2008 Composers Forum

John Foley and the SLU Center for Liturgy have, for 10 years, hosted an annual forum for published liturgical music composers.  As Oddwalk now fits that description (Thanks, GIA!), we were invited, and Orin attended today as Oddwalk's representative.  Keeping Shannon in the loop, he got to send him a couple informative text messages, such as:

I just joked about killing chris walker.  With chris walker.
[Christopher Walker is the Celtic Alleluia guy.]

I just called michael joncas 'mike'
[Michael Joncas is the On Eagles' Wings guy.]

To both of these, Shannon sent replies we had better not publish here.


  1. If you saw Rory Cooney (responsible for Jerusalem, My Destiny), I hope you stuck your tongue out. Or at least offered my suggestions. On second thought, he's also responsible for YSP's show this summer, so maybe let's hold off. That song haunts my dreams...

  2. Awesome. Once Chris Walker yelled at me for taking a pen from a booth at NPM. He said, and I quote: "Attention! Attention! Everyone look! This young man is stealing a pen!"