Thursday, May 3, 2007

More Famouser?

Oddwalk's friend mikemiller helps to put together the e-man newsletter from the Catholic Youth Apostolate in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. While you won't find his bit in the on-the-web version, his contribution, as pictured on the left, is in the emailed version. He gave us, in his words, a "shout-out" in the latest edition, apparently for our leading him to mangoooooo! Welcome to any new readers!

He also today called our attention to the David Crowder Band, who uses (as Oddwalk does) a Yamaha SHS-10 live. While both use the keytar for the greater glory of God (no, really), Oddwalk uses the keytar for melodic, eardrum-rupturing lead solos, while David and Co. use it for "phat beats" and something to whistle too.

Check out the animated music video below (especially about 1:30 in or so), then watch some of the live videos that are up on YouTube too. In one, he clearly says "Behold the Keytar." Hm. I guess it's not "Behold, the Oddwalk Keytar" so we'll let him off with a warning this time.

Thanks Mike (and happy graduating)!


  1. well, i guess the true identity of the bizarre-o correspondent has been revealed!


  2. this the same guy who's been selling the "Keytar Mystique" to Justin Timberlake?? Maybe we shouldn't let him off the hook! :D