Friday, April 21, 2006

Wednesday Night Surprise

While we patiently wait for the full commercial to be digitzed and uploaded to the internet by someone (please, anyone), for now, we hope you enjoy this poorly-photographed stillshot. The ad is, really, for a Sony Cybershot camera. We're not entirely sure what a ghostly, glowing, "Glenda the Good Witch-esque" princess/rock-star with a keytar has to do with with digital photography, but, well, there it is. We first saw it on Wednesday night's "Daily Show with Jon Stewart."

What is most important about this historic television moment, is that the keytar is not just any keytar, nor is it any *red* keytar; no, it is, once again, exactly the keytar Orin uses with Oddwalk and the one Shannon had as his own growing up.

The lesson learned, hopefully, by the people who used to think Orin was unduly strange, is that perhaps it was their perspective that was skewed, not Orin's reality.

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  1. I was just about to email you, Shannon, and tell you that I saw a keytar in a commercial (during "The Office" no less)!! I squealed for joy (on the inside of course...) when I saw the keytar!