Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Greeting Cards that didn't make it

Borrowed from portraitofapriest and as heard on Wait Wait --

Actual greeting cards that were rejected by Hallmark for publication:

A big smiley face on the outside of the card and on the inside is written: Hi! Welcome back from your coma!

A Christmas card with "Spread some holiday cheer!" on the outside. On the inside: "Or drink alone. Who am I to judge?"

A birthday card, on the outside: "My ex-girlfriend had a cat she called Love because she said that's what it gave her." On the inside: "So I called it bloody forearms. Hope no one gives you a cat for your birthday."

A Mother's day card. Outside: "When I think of you, Mom, I swell with pride." Inside: "At least I hope it's pride. Otherwise, I'm pregnant again."


  1. Hey,

    What about a "Thank You" card that, when opened, says:

    Thanks for putting the "fun" back in "fundamentalist".

    Just a thought


  2. How about: Thanks for putting the "cili" back in Reconciliation?