Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Last Ever Post of the Oddblog...

Now, don't get all too excited... We're just upgrading... to ODDBLOG 2.0!

But, in fact, there's not a lot new or different going on; in fact we've tried to keep it all pretty much the same. So, us calling it the Oddblog 2.0 is sort of like saying we got a new car when really all we did is park it in a different garage.

So, that said, here's the new address of the blog:

And here's the url for our new feed, those of you peering in from your favorite reader:

And for those even more paranoid, the whole past of the blog is parked over there now too, as well as all the stats on visitors, comments, etc. It all made it, and the migration was relatively painless, in fact.

Again, welcome, and let's hope we all enjoy the new parking spot!

Goodbye, at least for now, Blogger ol' pal, it's been fun!

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