Monday, August 25, 2008

"My Name is I AM" Video

So, Oddwalk has this youth minister friend in Sydney, Australia we've never met - Paul Skippen is his name.  He bought our CD "Walk Away Different" when he saw it online at GIA's site (not having heard of us nor a note of our music before then).  He's been using some of the music, and recently (like, yesterday) used "My Name is I AM" at mass.  He prepared a PowerPoint slideshow to go with it - not just the lyrics, but some evocative, prayerful images.  He emailed that to us, and we promptly turned it into a YouTube video.  You can watch it below, but it might also be worth clicking through to the main YouTube site and watching it in "High Quality" - there'll be a link right below the video over there.  Enjoy - we certainly did!  And, thanks Paul!


  1. How cool! And hooray for international collaboration and inspiration!