Monday, March 31, 2008

Blogging Catch-up

Hi all,

Been a busy couple weeks. Here are a few pics and stories to catch us all up.

Orin's wife Erin, Easter Morning at St. Dionysius, Tyler, MN.  It was snowing that morning, as it was in St. Louis too.  This is the Church Orin went to for 18+ years growing up.

The nice basket of plants and flowers sent up by the Shrine musicians.  It was difficult for Orin to be away from the Shrine for Holy Week and Easter.  Knowing all was in good hands helped a lot.

Orin's mom's gravestone the morning after the funeral.  In an unintentional homage to his dad, Orin slipped a bit of his finger into the picture frame.

After taking that picture, Orin went to Sioux Falls, SD to hop on a plane to help out at the National Catholic Educators National Convention, this year in Indianapolis, IN.  Oddwalk helped at an opening prayer, gave a workshop on catechizing and evangelizing in an entertaining way titled "Scars and Ugly Shoes" and also helped out at the GIA booth in the exhibit hall for a few days.

We had many good conversations with Sue and David, met David Haas and Lori True officially for the first time, and learned a lot about GIA and their artists and products.

Across from us (this is where the usual "Oddwalk Experience" returns) was an interesting exhibitor, marketing mats that young folks could use to take their mid-day naps at school.  They were soft and colorful, and had a built-in pillow -- not much more a 5 or 6 year old could ask for, really.

They were given, though, what we all thought was a rather unfortunate name.  I guess the thought process was something like, "Well, what could we name these products that KIDS would use to take NAPS on... Wait!  I've got something clever!"

That's right, the Kid-Napper.  Sheesh.  Unfortunately, the picture of the guy at the booth most of the time didn't turn out too well.  He looks though,  let us assure you, just like someone you'd expect to see at the Kid-Napper booth at the National Catholic Education Association National Convention.

The end.

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