Wednesday, February 28, 2007


From their website:

"You will get ears, big ears. Because FEEDBACK understand themselves on the rock´n´roll of the hard school equally as on rather contemplative tones. . . . [One of the band's members is] arch abbott Notker wolf, who resides since September 2000 as abbot primate, the highest representative of the world-wide 24000 benedictine nons and monks, on the Aventin in Rome. He has the same enthusiasm for rock music in the spirit of AC/DC, Rolling Stones, ZZ Top up to Jethro Tull and status Quo and plays since that time guitar and his trueful rockin´ flute."

Yep, they're German — check out Feedback. Especially their guitarist (and, apparently, flautist) Archabbott Notker Wolf, head of the 24,000 Benedictine monks around the world.

Be prepared though, for big ears, and a little "trueful" (?) rockin' flute - way beyond anything Ron Burgandy could put together:

* Thanks to Orin's AI classmate Mike Miller, Jr. for the lead!

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  1. hi - this is orin's classmate mike.

    orin and i are in class right now, and we should be paying attention, but i should note that i found out about the rocking-est benedictine through rocco's blog, whispers in the loggia.


    keep up the good work.