Monday, December 4, 2006

Memories of NCCYM 2006

Until we catch up back home and have some pictures to post, here are some of Oddwalk's memories of NCCYM 2006:

- Avoiding the St. Louis Storm
- Purple booth again!
- Where's that guitar peg?
- Speed "Oh St. Joesph" & "Let The Children..."
- Popple
- Quizno's guacamole
- CoffeeHouse lights and sounds and smoke machine...
- Bare Naked Ladies (the band)
- GIA Skybox
- Great conversations at the booth
- Dance rehearsal
- The Jamminest "Jammin' with Jesus" ever
- 4 hours of sleep

I'm sure we'll add some more as our brains un-fog! Glad to be home!


  1. You're going to talk about all this?

    I thought it was "What happens in Vegas....STAYS in Vegas!"

  2. True, but everyone's gotta break the rules SOMETIME! lol And anyway...that might not be EVERYTHING that happened in Vegas. Huh Orin???

  3. Mmm, no comment.