Saturday, October 29, 2005

NCYC Update #4


What a great long day, a great long weekend. The obvious highlight of our day was being a part of the Comedy Club: "God You Crack Me Up!" this afternoon, along with emcees APeX, and performers Over the Top, and Stooge 4 Christ. What a great chance to have fun and entertain about 5,000 youth and adults from around the country. Thanks to Chris from "Iowa" (D.C. really) for being a good sport and the best "Stinky Chris" ever.

A word of apprecation to all the folks from all around the country who came to see us on stages or at the booth, and to those who stopped to have conversations with us. We hope to see you all again soon, maybe at your parish, school, or diocesan event. Thanks too to all who supported our ministry and our visit to NCYC by purchasing CDs and other stuff.

Thanks to Edwin for being a good moving poof-ball target. Thanks to Ryan Myers, Sarah Bauer, Chris Padgett, Mike Patin, APeX, lots of youth ministers, diocesan ministers, volunteers... all the many ministers and friends we had the chance to share some time with, and re-connect with.

If you were there in any capacity, thanks to you, our ministry is literally nothing without all of you. God bless, and safe travels back home.

Back to Missouri tomorrow.

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